Sunday, October 18, 2009

take a look at the history of butte, america

This Tuesday evening on PBS's Independent Lens: Butte, America will have its national premier. A superb film that will give you an inside view into "The Richest Hill On Earth."

Catherine @ Reading In Montana
currently learning the rich history of Butte, Montana.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

if you really want to see yellowstone national park you must get out of your car.

Let Yellowstone Trails: A Hiking Guide by Mark C. Marshall (park ranger) get you started. This was published by the Yellowstone Association and covers both short and long hikes. I'd recommend the Bliss pass in the Northwest via Slough and Pebble creek as one of the tip top all day hikes.
Yellowstone: Image taken by dmdzine, discovered on

Here we have had snow and temps below freezing for a few days, but my favorite time in Montana is fall, hopefully it will come back for a few days for another hike or two.

Missing summer already,

Catherine @ Reading In Montana