Sunday, February 28, 2010

Montana Before 1950

Here are some historical images of the State of Montana from before 1950.  You can click on any of the images in the slideshow to get more information about the image and it source.  I love to explore The Commons on Flickr.

Catherine @ Reading In Montana

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reading In Montana Has Gone Social

I think we've always been social here at Reading In Montana (maybe that is the reason for our continued 100% feedback rating) but we've also got a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter Account.  

Today we have started a Facebook Fan drive contest. Until Wednesday, March 3rd you can hop on over to our  Facebook Fan Page ( show your support and help us build a fan base.  Become a fan and invite your friends to become fans too.  

If we reach 100 fans by March 3rd we will give away a New copy of Butte, Images of America, if we reach 150 fans we will also give out the postcard set that goes with the book.  The winners will be picked at random from the fan base on March 3rd.  

If we were to reach 200 fans or 250 fans we will give out another new book and another new postcard set and so on.  So the more fans the more chances to win.  

We do appreciate your support of our little business over the last three years.  Each of our thousands of customers have had a part in making us the success that we are.  Thank you!

Catherine & Michael @ Reading In Montana