Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ciabatta Bread in the Morning

Yesterday I came across this interesting blog post from Lifehack/Seth Simonds, Kitchen Hack: One-Minute Bread.  It takes a few minutes to prep, 8 - 10 hours (or overnight in our case) to rise, 25 minutes to bake, and 10 minutes to cool.

I thought it would be fun to try a quick alternative to bread machine bread and see if this recipe for little to no effort bread really was a Lifehack.

After dinner, I threw together the ingredients (water, yeast, salt, flour).

Making Ciabatta Bread

Mixed it all up for a few moments, until it was a sticky mess and covered it with a dish towel.

Making Ciabatta Bread

I let it sit quietly overnight and when the alarm started blaring, I "jumped out of bed" and threw it in the oven.  This was the result.

Ciabatta Bread

It was too dense, not airy enough (darn mile high elevation!).  Next time I'll allow it to bake a little longer and add some spices.  It was a great easy (and cheap) alternative to our beloved bread machine.

I did enjoy the bread though.  It was tasty in the morning, fresh with Hutterite butter and huckleberry jam.

It was great as a quick snack in the afternoon.

It was best toasted and used to sop up the olive oil from the pasta at dinner.

I cannot say it was a perfect Lifehack but I'm going to make it again and invite you to do the same.  Does anyone have good advice for tackling the mile high elevation baking challenge?

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  1. Maybe try a little more yeast than called for and a bit of gluten.


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