Monday, October 4, 2010

Get your Rick Steves books through Reading in Montana!

Catherine and I have always enjoyed watching the travel programs of Rick Steves (based out of Edmond, WA). I particuilarly enjoy his episodes about Ireland. Here's a sample:

There's plenty of Rick Steves to watch through YouTube and Hulu. I've also held on to a copy of his Rick Steves' Ireland 2010 with map since we plan to visit Ireland in 2015, especially to see where my grandfather's parents were from (Co. Cavan), when we will have been married for ten years, and our son Patrick will be a good age for such travel.

That said, on our recent trip north to Seattle for the biannual book sale of the Seattle Public Library, we picked up a bunch of copies of Rick Steves' Spain 2010 with map (order through RIM)Rick Steves' Rome 2010 (order through RIM), and Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2010: The Travel Skills Handbook (order through RIM). Here I am getting some of them ready to ship from our hotel room:

Seattle Public Library Book Sale

If you plan to take a trip to Spain or Rome, or know anyone else who is planning such a vacation, order from us directly: Spain, Rome, or Europe.

And to close, a few photos from the gigantic book sale in Seattle:

Seattle Public Library Book Sale

Seattle Public Library Book Sale

Seattle Public Library Book Sale

Patrick swimming through an ocean of books - Seattle Public Library Book Sale

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