Thursday, January 15, 2009

Powell's City of Books

On our recent trip to Portland, I had my first chance at visiting Powell's City of Books, a 4-story mega bookstore where new and used copies are all mixed together. It is the largest independent bookstore in the nation. While Catherine perused the literature section, my mind was on the science and nature sections. Many books I would have purchased, but I limited myself to one: The Cambridge Companion to the 'Origin of Species' edited by Michael Ruse and Robert J. Richards (both historians of science). The chapters each cover 1 chapter of On the Origin of Species, with a nice, short foreward from Edward O. Wilson. What suprised me was where I found the book. Not just in the science section, but in a Darwin section! Book heaven for me...

If you ever visit Portland, do visit Powell's - the main store and many other locations in the city...

And click here to see the other photos I took in Powell's...

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