Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April First - Blogging is Back

I'm not one for playing tricks on April first.  I never think of good harmless lies to tell family and friends.  I do enjoy the games of others though.  Gmail is at it again today with the new "Gmail Autopilot by CADIE.

April first is also a great day to announce things that are true, like... Reading in Montana is back to blogging about reading, selling books, Montana living, and more reading.  We just had a wildly successful library booksale weekend and our inventory of great used books at affordable prices continues to grow.

Please consider Reading in Montana for your next book purchase and just think, even though you are shopping on you are still supporting small family businesses like ours.  Thank you and avoid making any big announcements today, at least not any that are true.

Book of the day: Angels Unaware: Quantum Leap #12 a lovely
 1997 mass market paperback.  If you watch Battlestar Gallactica you will recognize one of the men on the cover.

Catherine @ Reading In Montana

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