Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Authors You Intend to Read

Many people have books they haven't read, intend to read, would read.  Books that sit in stacks on the nightstand, shelves, and bookcases.  These are some of the authors I haven't yet read, but intend to of course:
Virgina Woolf - I think I have begun Mrs. Dalloway a few different times.  I have read The Hours so I should have read Mrs. Dalloway.  I have always wanted to enjoy A Room of One's Own in well a room of my own.  I have even owned a few of Woolf's books only to pass them on without reading them.
James Joyce - I bought a nice hardbound copy of Ulysses on June 16, 2004, exactly one century after the day in which the tomb of a novel takes place.  I have yet to read any Joyce, including Dubliners or Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and my copy of Ulysses has been borrowed for a few years now by my brother-in-law.
Barack Obama - I have started Dreams from My Father,  I hope to finish it and get to the Audacity of Hope.  I may listen to both on audio instead.

I have many other authors hidden in my closet of unread books.  Tonight I may start on a Patricia Highsmith suspense novel, but she's not new to me as I've read quite a bit and enjoyed quite a bit of her work.

What authors are on your to read, should read list? Highsmith would do well on any one's list.

Catherine @ Reading In Montana

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