Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tell Amazon to stop the Censorship

Here is a link to Change.org's petition telling Amazon to stop discrimination against LGBT books.  Here is the letter.  I encourage you to sign it.

Stop Discrimination Against LGBT Books

Dear Amazon,

It has come to my attention that you have recently de-ranked books with LGBT content on the pretense that this qualifies as "adult content."  At the same time, books about heterosexual porn stars, Playboy centerfolds, and techniques on how to "cure" homosexuality remain ranked.

This inconsistency shows overt discrimination and is unacceptable.  It's particularly disappointing coming from a public company that so many people trust, and threatens to permanently tarnish the Amazon brand.

As an Amazon customer, I demand that you end this discrimination immediately.  I also call on you to release a transparent set of guidelines on how books are classified so that the reasons behind the changes made are understood and future conflicts and unfair discrimination can be avoided.

I hope to see you resolve this matter soon, 

Catherine McMullen @ Reading In Montana

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